Advisory Mandate

For clients that still prefer to make the investment decisions, we offer our Advisory Management services, wherein Jupiter will provide advice to clients but the ultimate decision lies with the client.

Discretionary Mandate

We also offer our Discretionary Management services, wherein the client will leave it in the hands of our Portfolio managers to invest or their behalf. In choosing either of the services, JIA still provides the same care and duty to do our best for our clients.

Multi Family Office

As a multi-family office, we offer a wide range of services to provide investment management, risk management (with regards to your investment portfolio), coordination with professionals that provide Trust advice, Tax advice, Custody of assets or even more personal services as and when required. Each client is unique, and we provide tailor made services to our clients based on the client’s needs, and as a single point of contact.

External Asset

As a standalone asset manager independent of the private banks, we provide unbiased investment advice to our clients. We offer our clients tailor made solutions to suit their investment needs as well as their risk profiles.